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Entry #2

New Animation

2009-10-04 13:00:28 by HawaiianPuppies

New MattLin animation is out and about. I'll post more about it later, just watch it under my Flash submissions.

Next project will probably be a dark adult comedy, but I'll have to see how this latest short fares with you guys before continuing onward.


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2009-10-05 05:59:02

Loved it! :D


2009-10-05 21:33:29

At first, I assumed it would be the most retarded thing I'd ever seen.
But I was wrong.
Good show, sir!


2009-10-07 00:33:49

I'm from Hawaii and i wish my dogs would do that( Oahu Rules!!!)

HawaiianPuppies responds:

Dude, Hawaii rocks. RIP Brudda Iz


2009-10-07 05:50:45

damn, you're really good!


2009-10-08 18:19:05

you look too white to be from hawaii

(Updated ) HawaiianPuppies responds:

I have a skin disease called Gingeritis.


2009-10-09 02:30:01

Rofl. You actually live in the islands? where you stay?


2009-10-09 17:05:40

Hey loved the new animation. You should make more MattLin flashes, there my favorite in the comics.